Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wow! Wedding Anniversary

It's amazing to me. I've been married to an abundantly amazing man for 15 years! Somedays it seems like it's always been this way, that 15 is too small a number. Other times, it seems like 15 years couldn't possibly have passed so quickly. Where did they all fly to? We were the couple that had the odds stacked against us, the one's that shouldn't still be married, we went against convention it seems. We married young and we'd only known each other for 4 months when we got engaged. We were married three months later. Our total time from first date to wedding day was one day short of 7 whole months, and we didn't know each othe before we started dating. I know there were whispers about why so young, why so fast, but the only rumor that was true was that we were head over heels in love and *knew* marriage - to each other - was right, and saw no reason to put it off longer than necessary. I remember that day pretty clearly. I took some quiet moments to myself to look at the decorations, the food table (awesome decorations there!). I talked to the women from church who had given so freely of their time for us, making sure to thank them. I remember feeling like I couldn't love him more than I did that day when we pledged ourselves to each other and to God. When we made promises that would last through eternity. I was wrong. I love him even more now. Back then, love was new and exciting, euphoric and easy. Through the years we've stood by each other when times were hard, when we weren't easy to get a long with, and those are some of the times my love increased for him. It's easy to love someone when things are going well and they're likable, but what about when they're not. That's when it takes work and dedication, sacrifice and selflessness. I've watched my husband work multiple jobs so I could stay home with the children, something we both thought were important. He moved away from the place he grew up because it was too expensive to raise a family the way we wanted to. He's been a dedicated student, going back to school a few years ago. A year or two ago he earned his bachelor's degree, and carried a 4.0 gpa the whole time. Now he's working on his master's degree. He's doing this not just for him, but for us. He's busy at church too, but through all of that, he makes sure he spends time with us. Even as busy as he can be, he pitches in around the house. I know between work, church, school, and family, he doesn't get a lot of time to himself, and rarely have I heard an utterance of complaint from him. Nearly everything he does is for us. My heart was full of love on my wedding day, but it's grown since then, and everytime it does, love for him floods in and fills all the recesses, keeping it full. So, as much as I love him today, I'm sure I'll love him even more in the future, just give me some more time. He's an execptional man, and I'm a far better woman for having him in my life. His love makes me better than I could have ever been on my own.


  1. Wow, this is a wonderful dedication to him. You do have a wonderful Hubby. In addition to all he does for you and your family, he is always the first to extend his arm to help other people. Even if he is not asked, he just seems to know what people need.

    Congrats on your anniversary! I am happy for you tow and your wonderful family. May you have MANY MANY more wonderful years here on Earth to spend together!!! Congrats Alta and Paul!

  2. Thank you!
    He gave me a beautiful jade necklace, and I'm planning on that being my next post. Jade is quickly becoming my new favorite least I think it's a stone...