Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm Getting Spoiled!

Last month I posted an Indian choker I got when we visited our son at scout camp. I wished I'd gotten both chokers that day, but I only got one, the black one. Well, guess what I found at Jamestown! A white choker! Yay me! I saw they had bracelets too, and I didn't want to make the same mistake twice, so I grabbed a bracelet too. As you can see, it's black and white, I figure I can wear it with either choker :) And tonight I picked up NEW SHOES! I've been looking for new shoes for a while now, but just haven't found anything to float my boat - I wanted skinny heels, and I didn't want to pay a ton for them either! We were walking around the mall near my in-law's house and I stopped to drool over the shoes in the window, then I realized that some of the shoes were marked really well! I tried a couple, and settled on these. The girl told me they were $20. It wasn't as good as $10 like some of the other ones, but still, they were cute and what I've been looking for! I got up to the register and she told me they were actually $10, and I was in heaven! And, as any good shoe lover will do, I'm wearing them I type...just because I can, and I like to look at them :) Aren't they cute! I saw other things in the store that I really liked too, but I refrained! But I think this is one of my new favorite stores! It's called Body Central, I'll be checking to see if there's one near me!


  1. You look so um "sexycute" in heels!!! I'm glad you got them! Sounds like you are having a lot of fun. I did a project with one of my students about Georgetown...I am surprised that place is still there! When it was first settled, it was founded by a bunch of aristocrats who were too lazy to work. They lost hundreds of their settlers within the first year because they were too lazy to work! LOL

  2. Thanks! It looks like we're goin swimming today...maybe I could wear them there? ;)
    Can you tell I really want to wear them?
    Where's Georgetown?

  3. I would so break my ankles in those

  4. Wore them out to dinner last night :) Didn't fall, didn't break anything! I looked them up and they're 4 inch heels - they're easier to walk in than I would have thought. Now I'm getting ready for church, and I will most definitely be wearing them there! I've got a few shoes in mind that will be vacating my shoe shelf when we get home - that's the deal I made with myself.