Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gratitude Card

My boy's in scouts, and attended his first scout camp this summer (he wasn't completely thrilled with the experience, but he's never been gone that long...I think he missed the game cube). They started on various merit badges and then had to complete them within 30 days - that means we have to help, eek! His citizenship in the community badge required him to find a charitable organization, and find out how kids could help, and then volunteer eight hours there. There's only one place I would feel comfortable leaving my child for eight hours, and it's not with strangers in a store! I asked The Pet Connection (hope that link works, if not, it's an error on my part) if he could volunteer there for those hours and they said yes. I dropped him off Thursday afternoon, because I would be going that evening for training with Sirius and I could bring him home then. I decided they needed a thank you card, and did this one up for them. I was a few minutes late because at the last minute I decided I needed that ribbon at the bottom. I also decided that I need some dog/cat stamps - I have none, and they would be useful in situations like these!
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