Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Helping the Animal Shelters, part three

These places do some great work, and this is the last month to help them out by simply voting. Here's a link to last months post that includes the link to my favorite shelter. Take a look around their site a bit, and if you'd like to help them out by voting, there's a link on their site to the pet rescue site that's working with Right now, The Pet Connection is first in KS, which gets them $1000.00, which they can most definitely use! They're 21st in the nation. If they finish in the top 15 they get some additional money. First place receives $20,000 I think it said. So, are you in school for a summer session? Is there a computer lab? Vote from each computer! How about a visit to the library, there's tons of computers there just waiting for you to vote on. Happy July and Happy Voting!

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