Thursday, July 2, 2009

Been a Bit

I haven't posted in a few weeks, but I do have good reasons! The kids are home for the summer, and for some strange reason, I don't have as much time...still trying to figure that one out ;) I have been busy with non kid things though! I've got another card to post (hopefully today), I've designed a two page, 12x12 scrapbook layout for my sister who needed something for the camping trip the young women from church are going on (she's the camp leader) Today, I'll be cutting out and putting together kits for the layout - I'm making 12 kits.... I also finished proofreading a rather large quartet of books for a friend of mine. His name is John Walker and the series is called the Retribution Quartet. I have to admit, the books are not necessarily the genre I usually read, but still, he did a good job. If you want to check him out, his blog link is on my blog roll - it's Sanctuary in the Darkness - I hope this leads you to his website...I'll have to check that out! We've also had some really wonderful family occassions to attend, and I wouldn't have had it any other way! So, goals for today: shower (yay!) post new card cut out things for 12 scrapbook kits go to puppy training in the evening Sounds like a pretty easy day, doesn't it? We'll see how it goes!

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