Sunday, July 19, 2009

Anniversary Gift from Paul

He surprised me with this beautiful Jade necklace, I love it! He actually couldn't decide between two so he had me come down and pick out the one that I liked best, and this was the one we both agreed on :) He also gave me a jade necklace for mother's day, it had smaller jade pieces, ducks I think. There was another necklace design that I really liked too, it had more of a daisy shaped flower instead of this rose shape, I put that on my wish list :) They had jade bracelets and earings too, maybe we'll start on the bracelets next ;) One of the things I like about these pieces is that they're adjustable. The necklace can be worn long, as a choker, or anything in between. Same for the bracelets. Here's a close up of the rose carved jade. Love it. Jade is quickly becoming my new favorite stone. Thanks for stopping by!

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