Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jamestown Virginia

It's a pretty cool place. Remember Pocahantas, John Smith? That was Jamestown. If you're interested in more, you'll have to look it up ;) It was a bit hot, we had to stop for water and snacks part way through, but over all, it was pretty neat. There was so much more that we could have seen, but we were tired and running out of time. Not to mention we had a 2+ hour drive ahead of us to get back to Manassas. Here's a few pictures! Here's me and the kids, we're at the Powhattan Village, those hut things are pretty big! They had tall ships in the harbor that we got to board. I think this is the ship Discovery, it's the smallest of the ship replicas. Hey look! I know those guys! We went on the other ships too, one was quite a bit bigger. I would have hated to cross the Atlantic in this baby ship! Near the water, there were Powhattan dugout canoes. There was a finished one, obviously, that our kids got to sit in, and one off to the side that people could work on digging out. They used shells to dig them out, it didn't look easy!
Out side the smithy's place in the settler's fort.
Entering the fort. Those walls are tall!
There are a lot more pics, but these will do! Thanks for stopping by!

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