Friday, May 29, 2009

Tomorrow I May Be Crazy...

Actually, I'm probably crazy today for considering tomorrow! Paul invited me to go on a bike ride with him...I think it's something like 30 miles ... eek! I haven't ridden since last year! We're negotiating the distance as well as the bike to use. I have one that I'm cofortable on and it fits better than another one. Unfortunately, the one that's a little too big is probably better for what he's got in mind. It moves easier because the tires are skinnier and the bike is lighter (I think) but really, I'm a scaredy cat, and I'm afraid to try getting on and off this bike (I've only ridden it twice). I don't want to be falling over in front of a whole lotta other riders, and what if I hurt myself? It's bad enough that I'll likely embarrass myself by not being able to complete the ride AND I'll be hurting the next I have to fall over too before I even start? Like I said, we're negotiating... I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow...if I survive ;)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Have you seen these?

If you play with paper you've probably heard, seen, or have these but I'm just a little behind lately. Copic markers. My friend, an enabler we'll call Katie Sherry, showed these to me last night. They're really cool, but they're expensive boogers! I left thinking, "I probably won't get these," I looked at more things done with them today, and that don't get them voice isn't as strong... If they keep coming out with such great tools I'll always be broke - but I won't be bored!

This Always Happens

I go to the library to get ONE book, one that they have waiting for me...I walk out with more. How am I ever going to finish reading all the books on my shelf if I keep picking up more when I go in? This happens at the craft stores too. I went into Michaels with a 40% off coupon to get a set of stamps...I got two, but I didn't want to wait and watch for a sale. There are closer craft stores but they don't have these stamps. I paid for it all and got another 40% off coupon...I have to go back next's an addiction...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some Great News and Some Not So Great

First off, the not so great....I'm pretty sure I did not get the design team position at Serendipity Stamps, but I got one of the nicest rejection letters in the history of rejection letters :D But it's fine, really, I have enough on my plate and the experience of putting something like that together was really a lot of fun. Okay, the great news, my son's lab work came back, and the lab said there's nothing to worry about. The stuff that they were worried about wasn't an issue I guess. We're all relieved. Now it's just the dog I need to watch when it comes to kidney things, not my dog and my son. It's good to know where you are in life. My son's okay and I'm not going to be quite as busy as I may have been. Life's good.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Serendipity Stamps Design Team Submission, pt 1

I need to divide my submission projects since I can only upload five pics at a time, so there's part one and part two :D I did three variations of this card, two have already been posted, this is the one that I chose to submit - it showcased the detail of SS dandelion best. I used a rubber brayer and created a graduated blue background. The blue gets lighter towards the bottom, and I threw in some purple near the top to darken it a bit. I used glossy cs for this trick. The dandelion and thinking of you is stamped in purple. I used gre to stamp the pixie on white paper, and again on pink, and a then vellum. I colored the pixie's hair, skin, and wings then cut her dress out from the pink paper, then the wings from vellum. I didn't line up the wings, but put them at an angle. Added green cs across the bottom, placed pixie on top of that and under the dandelion. I really like this notebook. I wanted to see if I could make it, and since I liked how it turned out I gave it to my friend for Mother's Day :D I covered chipboard with brown paper, and then layered pink on top. Both the brown and the pink were edged in brown. I embossed the iris on white and then used water colored pencils and a water brush to color the image. I applied two layers of crackle paint to the pink paper, in two different colors. I placed the cut out iris on the front, and embossed the words Cultivate Love (this is a SS image too). I did a back cover in similar fashion, and cut lined paper to fit the note book. On the back cover I added elastic to fold over and keep the note book together. I used my bind it all to bind it. This is a two page scrapbook layout I submitted. I the bottles and booties are stamped and then colored with water brush and ink, and some extra texture and shading I did with water color pencils. I also used a sponge and various blues to color the back ground on both sides. The bootie on this side was stamped onto a piece of cs and then adhered over the striped paper. I attached a brad above it and then drew in the "wire" that's holding the square to the brad. I used my black water color pencil and went over it lightly with my water brush.
I did the same thing for the "wire" above the Lookin' Good on this page. On the bottom I masked off off two sections when I sponged the blue on. Then I stamed the bootie in those two white squares. I shaded the side of the white and added a faux brad to the white square using the black watercolor pencils.
I really like this card. The design is simple and clean and the supply list is SHORT! You need two pieces of paper (one for the card and a glossy piece for the mask), two colors of ink, and two stamps. I stamped four roses on the left over cs after I cut out my card base, I cut these out for later. I stamped the rose on glossy cs and cut that one out to use as my mask. I stamped a rose in the corner then got out my mask. I covered up my center flower and stamped on both sides. I repeated this for the three other corners. Then I stamped my saying in the middle. I used foam tape to mount the other four roses. See? Simple.

Serendipity Stamps Design Team Submissions, pt 2

This is another project I submitted. The mustang is a Serendipity Stamps image, and I love using it like this. I used a weathered wood paper for the back ground, stamped the mustang on white and used chalks and colored pencils to color the image. I highlighted his eyes with liquid glass. If you've ever looked a horse in the eye you know they're big, beautiful, and glossy! I stamped Happy Father's day in brown, then went over it with a black glitter gel pen. I used white brads and black lame` embossing powder to coat and color them. The edges of the card and the mustang were inked, and I shadowed the side of the mustang piece for dimension.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

To all those who serve. Who leave their families behind and put themselves in danger. To my dad, my father in law, my grandfather, my cousins, my friends...and their families... thank you. I know freedom comes at a heavy price and there are only few, you, who are willing to pay the price so I can rest safely. Happy Memorial Day. Thank a vet or a soldier today...and any chance you get.

Friday, May 22, 2009


You know what that is right? Well, it may have found me. It's not the first time I've been in an ironic situation, but this situation has the potential to be the biggest. Monday my boys had their yearly check ups. My soon to be 12 year old had some protein show up in his urine test and his blood pressure was a little high. We took his bp again before we left and it was still a little high, but not as high as the first time. Protein readings can be common during the day so they gave us a cup to take home and he needed to fill it first thing in the morning - apparently, that's when they get their best readings. I dropped off his filled cup yesterday. They called today. There was still protein present so they've sent it off to the lab for more tests. What does this mean? I asked the doc when we were in there Monday. She said; The kidneys act like a filter, they're supposed to keep the protein from getting into the urine. If protein is present, it can signal a problem with the kidneys. Protein numbers and the high blood pressure (although I didn't get the impression it was through the roof, so that's good) point to kidney issues. Because of the weekend and the holiday, we probably won't hear anything until Wednesday at the earliest. The irony? One of my first posts was about my puppy Sirius. He has kidney issues. He went in for emergency surgery for his stomach and esophogas and ended up having a wonky kidney removed. But right now is not the panic time, although the mother part of me is going crazy that something could be wrong with her son. The rational part (rational and mommy sides sometimes agree, but not in cases like this) reminds me that we don't have enough info to actually panic about. Wait for the results and take it from there. The mommy part wants to lock the rational part up, but she realizes that it's not panic time, it's prayer time.'s not lost on me. I want to train Sirius to be a therapy dog, I never entertained the idea that the therapy could start at home.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Alright, it's done...

I just submitted my first design team application. The deadline is tomorrow. I struggled a little with the timing. I didn't want to wait until the last minute, but I worried about being seen early in the process and being forgotten about. Who knows, maybe a lot of people already submitted their applications, after all, the 22nd is the deadline, the last day, not the first day they're accepting apps. We'll see how it goes! They'll make the announcement on the 29th, so I only have to wait one week :D Wish me luck!

I Made a Clock

I made this a few months back, but I was really happy with how it turned out, so I wanted to post it. Sorry about the glare. I sealed it with mod podge so the flash reflects back. I got the clock kit at Hobby Lobby. Covered it. Cut out numbers and the corner scrolls with my wb. The corners are a file from Butterfly Designs at I coated the corners with crackle paint and let them dry. I popped the numbers out and put them aside. I used the paper they were cut from as a stencil for the numbers, again, crackle paint. I added some more paint, did some sanding, and then inked the center. For the circle, I printed directly onto some patterned paper I had lying around and then cut it out. I used colored pencils to color in the grapes and shadow the words a little more, then inked the edge of the circle so it stood out more from the back ground. Then when it was all dry, I added the clock pieces and asked Paul to hang it :D

Coats of Arms

When my puppy was so sick, and I was worried and nervous, I needed something to do, so I joined a challange on (a great digital cutter community) The challange was to make a coat of arms for yourself or your family. It could be simple or it could be intricate. She gave us some sites to check out and one site had these beautifully ornate shields - that's what I decided to do. I made one for the vet that took care of Sirius.
And one for my family. I meant to give it to my mil for Mother's Day, but I forgot...

Some Digital and Wishblade Work

A friend of mine was throwing a very special baby shower for a friend of hers. Her friend was welcoming home a little girl from China. The shower needed to be extra special, she didn't want regular invitations, so she called me, and I was happy to help her out. I also made a matching book for the women at the shower to write their advice for the new parents. This is mostly digital work because of the time constraints, although I did add pink rhinestones and I stickled the flower centers. I did this as a thank you card for my friend that put me to work with the baby shower announcements above! I embellished the paper with colored pencils and used my wb to cut out the frame, pixie, and words. Did a previously mentioned faux linen technique for the back ground and used my wishblade to cut out the woman's silhoette. I used a ps brush to create the file for the wb. I made this for Paul, for Valentine's Day! Used the wb to cut out the letters as well as the little frames that I printed, and used my Bind it All to punch the holes in the acrylic.
More butterflies, and wb work! I cut out and colored, then glittered the butterfly. Used a ps brush to help create the frame for the wb to cut.

Continuing with the Stamped Cards

This is probably the last round of stamped cards for now, there's some other projects that I may post though, that don't necessarily involve stamping. This one was fun. I embossed the image in different colors then colored it with ink and a water brush.
I really like the rustic Tuscan look, and grapes really remind me of that, so I tried to create that feel with the card. I did a few tricks with the glossy cardstock the grapes are stamped on to give it a linen look.

More Cards I found

Have I mentioned I like pixies? I stamped this couple, colored them, and then cut them out. I stamped the swirl images and then used different colors of glitter on them. I made these for Paul to give to his Secret Santa person during the holidays.

More Artwork

Sorry, I'm having a lot of fun posting things. It's such a surprise when I stumble across something I've forgotten all about! This is a little 3x3 card. I used my wishblade to cut out the scroll corners, and the hydrangea is a Serendipity Stamps stamp. I liked this one a lot, because there was only one piece of paper, and three colors of ink. It's pretty easy to make too, unless you're doing a dozen of them...then you get hand cramps! I really like the look of torn paper, and it worked well with this card.

Dandelion Card Variations

I made three variations of this card, one of which I submitted in my Serendipity Stamps Design Team application. I like the background on the first picture best, but the one I submitted showcased the stamps detail better, so I chose it instead. However, I thought these turned out well too, so I wanted to post them. The first one has glitter and rhinestones. Both the dandelion and the Bliss stamp are from Serendipity Stamps. This one was embossed - dandelions are white, right? I thought this was the best way to make white pop. I printed the words on transparency, then embossed in black and gold embossing powder to give them a little sparkle.

Event and Card Organizer

I made this for a friend of mine, although she didn't know it at the time :D I wanted to make it and then I needed someone to give it to. This, obviously, is the cover, with her initials and an elastic closure. You can't see the details, but I embellished the flowers and butterfly with colored pencils and then stickled everywhere for sparkle. The lady who got this is really a sweet woman, and she is always sending cards to people - I figured she needed an organizer for those cards. For a more detailed look, click on the picture. There were three variations of the pages. They're the same design, just different papers. The butterfly in the corner I cut out with my wishblade and then colored with gel pens. The bottom is a pocket to hold the cards with a space to write dates and occasions as reminders for that month.
The back page has a place for her to keep addresses. I didn't include pictures, but the front inside cover has a place for postage, now everything can be kept in one spot.

Almost Ready

My five projects are finished, my supply list and directions are being proof read by a friend. I know I understand what I mean, but I need to know other's will too! I need to work on the bio they asked us to send as well, then I should be ready to send! A day before the deadline too. I'm sure something will come up though, it always does :D Now, however, it's time to stop for lunch.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I've finished all the projects for the DT Application, unfortunately, I made some extras and now I have to choose. I made three variations of one card. They each have something a little different, pros and cons. I think what it comes down to is how the stamp itself is showcased. These cards feature a stamp from Serendipity Stamps, and what I think is the logical voice in my head is telling me to use the one that shows their stamp at it's best. One of the cards that stamp is embossed another glittered and that has covered up the detail of the dandelion. It's a really great stamp. My other option you can see the detail, so, even though the background isn't my favorite of the three (and nearly impossible to reproduce or I would) their stamp looks the best in that card variation. So, today's agenda: * Visit a few ladies from church and see how they're doing - one is in a nursing home * Visit the Vet, need heartworm meds and Sirius needs to be weighed for that. I'm pretty sure we're over the 50 lb limit, so he'll need two bottles. *Remember to pick up kids from school *Scouts at the church *After that, we're taking my parents out to dinner as a Mother's Day/Father's Day gift Sometime during that time I need to finalize my pics for the DT Application, type up the supplies and directions list, then work on the About Me Section of the application. I really wanted to work on my friend John's book. I'm proofreading/editing for him, but that may need to wait until after I submit my application, but if you're reading this John, I'm working on it! Promise!

Monday, May 18, 2009

More Stamping Projects

Some more stamping! Although, I've got tons of pics, I just need to find the cd's I've got the pics stored on :D I did this at a retreat a year and half or so ago. We decorated the outside and the inside. I gave it to my mil for Mother's Day last year. I really like pixies and faries - I blame Sara Mabin...she got me hooked :D I found this stamp ( the word Believe is part of the set, the other words I added) and couldn't resist. I love the detail! I made this card for a friend, she asked me to make a special graduation card, something that would encourage her friend. This was so much fun! One piece of paper, a stamp set, ink, and chalk! I love how this turned out, I've made a few of these for various reasons!

Stamping Projects

I've been scrolling and looking through six or seven year's worth of "art" - that's a relative term, right? So, six or seven years of creating with paper. My focus right now is on the stamped items I've made. It's been so long since I've seen some of them that's it's a surprise! I thought I'd post some. I'll probably post some digital work, as well as cut out work that I used my wishblade for, but I'm going to try to group them by medium, and first up is stamping! I made these for our crossing guards. They're out there rain or shine, blistering heat and biting cold to help our little ones cross the busy streets before and after school. There's hot chocolate tucked inside. It's really hard when you loose a loved one, and sometimes all you can do are the little things, like send a card.
I got a new stampset this day AND some of my friends inspired me with their pearl ex prowess so I combined both for a layout for my oldest. These pictures are old, but the layout is relatively new.
I love new stamp sets! There are so many possibilities, here's two from the same set.
I'm sure there will be more to follow, but my battery's at a critical level, so I'm off!

The Wisdom of Not Waiting...

I mentioned in a previous blog that I didn't want to wait until the last minute to work on my DT application projects because something always comes up. I sat down to work on my last project and two things cropped up. I think my rubber brayer has a flat spot, so I need a new one, and the kaleidacolor ink pad I just got isn't the right color for my project. I couldn't find the collection I used before and hoped this would didn't. Later, since I have hamburgers to cook and a picnic still on the agenda I'll look into replacing those two things. Maybe another one of the craft stores has the ink pad in the color I'm looking for :D I need some small hooks too, then I can hang my brayer so it will work better...for now I'll work on another idea, just in case :D

The Final Countdown

Can you hear the Europe song by the same name playing in your head now? I can. :D This is the last week of school for the kids, and it's shaping up to be a busy week! Today there's a picnic at the middle school, and it begins before I pick up my elementary kids. AND we're supposed to bring 20 cooked hamburgers. Today I will be hitting the grocery store for hamburgers (and a few other things) and then using the Foreman grill for them. Paul's assured me he will clean that up. I don't usually use it for more than grilled cheese because the clean up is irritating, you can't just put it in the sink. I also don't really like the hamburgers done on it, they're kind of flavorless, so hopefully we're not the only ones bringing hamburgers! I also have to call the school and see if I can get some classes changed around for XLT, (extended learning time) for one of the kids. I really like that the schools open up the the summer school to all the kids. I guess they figure the buildings are going to be open, partially staffed, and paid for for the kids that need summer school, so they gave all the kids in the district an opportunity to attend. For the children that don't need the basics reinforced it's an enrichment kind of thing. All but one of mine will be attending this year :D I also need to finish a book I'm reading, I'm so close to the end! I completed another project for the DT application. I wanted to do work on another one today, probably the last one and get working on the application itself. I don't want to be doing this last minute, something always pops up, it's inevitable. I want time to deal with those things! But I have to hit Hobby Lobby today too, so I can work on the last thing. Okay, so, read call school pick up and cook 20 hamburgers pick up ink make card get hamburgers to the picnic at the same time I need to pick up kids from school (this involves being in two places at once. It's tricky, but doable) I think there's more, but that's just today. The rest of the week holds more goodies. But, Friday is their last day and then we get a small break before xlt begins. Wish me luck!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Helping the Animal Shelters

I love the work the shelter we got Sirius from is doing. They're a dedicated, non-profit orgainization. They do everything they can to place animals in homes permanently. They also have a low cost vet clinic so you people can afford basic care for their animals, and during this hard economical times, that's so important. There's a contest going on right now, that benefits the shelters across the country. The winning shelter recieves $20,000. and they can certainly put it to good use! You simply vote for the shelter of your choice, and the one with the most votes wins - simple. I've been voting and it's easy, and it costs you nothing but a few minutes of your time. The shelter I'm voting for is The Pet Connection located in Mission, Kansas. Here's a link to their website. If you look on the right hand side, you'll see a link to vote. Please vote, and while you're visiting TPC's site, take a look around. You may see some services there that you could use (low cost vet clinic and obedience classes are the first that come to mind), even if you're not looking to adopt a friend. Happy Voting!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Some Mother's Day Cards

I love making cards, it was my first love when I started stamping. Then I branched out into scrapbooking, altering things, making things from scratch, and digital work.
A couple years ago I bought a Wishblade and I love it. I'm able to combine digital and paper to make even more things!
This year I used it for Mother's Day cards. When I make cards for someone I try my best to consider their tastes and what they like. Colors, hobbies, etc... These Mother's Day cards were tailored specifically for a couple friends of mine and my mil, so two of them are not your traditional cards, but I hope they liked them.
The first one is for my mil, it's pretty traditional. I used my wishblade to cut out the words.

This card is for a friend of mine that collects dragons, and last time I checked, purple was a great color! I used photoshop elements to design the card. I used my wishblade to cut out the black frame as well as the dragon and flames. I did a print and cut for this project.

This last card was for my friend's mother. A really fun lady, she always welcomed me into her home. When I reconnected with my friend I was able to get both her and her mother's address so I could send them Mother's Day cards :D I also designed this one with elements. I used my wb to cut out the frame and the cat. I stickled the beads and a bit of the feather.


I have a couple, and I'm very fortunate to have the younger one. Last month he had some serious health issues and we had to consider putting him to sleep, a few times. Even our vet admitted his discouragement at the lowest point. There were a lot of prayers offered on his behalf, and God granted us more time with him. His name is Sirius Black (yes, from Harry Potter). He's a mix of doggies, his mom was a Border Collie/Aussie Heeler Mix and maybe more, and we're clueless about his father. He definitely has some black lab in him, and more.
He started throwing up and when he didn't stop, we took him to the vet. Dr. Rambo (don't you love the name?) did some xrays, thinking obstruction. Not so much.
His stomach was going up into his esophagus - that's not a good thing. Doc had no idea where or how, but he knew Sirius would die without surgery.
During Surgery he discovered that the bottom end of his esoph. flared, like a bell - it's not supposed to. This contributed to the problem we were having. He put the stomach where it was supposed to be and sutured it in place. The top of his stomach had telescoped into the esoph. He'd never seen that before. His stomach was also in the begining stages of torsion, where it twists, like a balloon, on both ends. He'd never seen it this early before.
During surgery he also found a bad kidney. In his words, there was NOTHING right about it, so he removed it. That got sent off to the lab for analysis - it was made that way, so we hope the small amount of abnormality with the remaining kidney is the extent of the kidney issue for the pup.
He had about 15 staples closing his incision. He was cut from sternum to groin. He had two layers of sutures under the staples.
We're about 6 weeks out from surgery and Dr. Rambo cleared him, declaring him healthy and he's back to his normal routine. The scar is hardly visable and his hair is almost fully grown back in.
I've added some pics of him. Puppy pictures and staples, and scar. My goal now is to get him trained and certified as a therapy dog. I don't want to waste this miracle we've been granted!

Sometimes You Just Have To...

and this is one of those times! I created my first blog today. I've blogged a little on myspace, but that's mostly just for me. I decided to be brave and I'm applying for a Design Team position at Serendipity Stamps, and after reading the requirements, it looked like a blog would be really helpful, so, I did it. :D Then, this space looked awfully, pitifully blank without a post, so, I thought I'd post my first blog. I still need to go in and add other blogs that I follow, but that will come later. Right now I have 3 kids under the age of five hanging out with me, so I'm gonna run!