Saturday, July 11, 2009

Emma's New Shirt

My girl's shirt is done :) You know, the one I was really frustrated with the other day because I couldn't find the iron on transfer paper I knew I had...found that today, btw (if you could see me, I just did an eye roll!) Anyway, here's the front of her shirt. I didn't do a lot of close ups since I posted the designs previously. I embellished with Glitter glitter :D. This heart took me the longest, and it was originally to add to the guitar on the back, but it was too much work to just have on the back, so it's on the front too. This is how the back turned out, she's really excited about it. You can't really tell by this pic that the guitar is glittered, so I took a close up, just scroll down a bit more.
I'm really happy with how the glitter guitar turned out. Unfortunately, Emma will be disappointed tomorrow. I washed the shirt like and the glue, along with the glitter, rolled off in the wash - I found this little roll of glue and glitter in the shape of the guitar. The glitter on the front (in the heart) seemed to stay, I have no idea why this one didn't. I checked both the glitter and the glue, and both are washable, and I turned the shirt inside out to help protect it. I'll probably give it another try, and maybe even make some calls to the company and ask what's up with that. Luckily, I took this shot before it hit the washer.
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