Monday, July 27, 2009

Pool Time

On Saturday we went to the pool with some of Paul's brothers and their families. I'm not a water girl, mostly it scares the heebeejeebies out of me. I'm getting better though, I used to say it terrified me. I'll get in now, I don't hold my breath in fear when my kids get in, but I still freak when I think of my head going under water...that whole not breathing thing gets me everytime. Anyway, my pool inexperience includes lack of sunblock too :( Luckily, I'm the worst when it comes to the dreaded lobster look, my kids didn't suffer much for my inexperience. Tonight (Monday) we got some sunburn stuff, you know, the stuff they make for people like me who don't have sense enough to slather stuff on before the pain, so now I need it after the pain and itching has set in. My sunburn could be worse, so I'm grateful for that, but boy I'm itchy! The stuff we got tonight has aloe and lidocaine. Yay lidocaine! I thought about posting sunburn pictures, but didn't know how to do it without feeling like an, no sunburn pics.


  1. Itchy sunburned skin.... Dr. Sherry recommends a quick application of apple cider vinegar. soak a cotton pad and just dab it all over.


    Dr. Sherry

  2. Thanks! The itching is driving me nuts! The stuff I slathered on last night didn't really seem to help the itch.