Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Small Scare From a Small Girl

The kids were playing with their cousin, using the summer sleds on the drive way - it's a pretty long uphill driveway, perfect for this game! We coaxed Alta into getting on with Christopher, and even though she looks scared out of her mind here, she finished with a big grin and was ready to go again! I think she liked to see how loud and how long she could scream :) I went in towards to end, it was hot outside! I heard Erin come in and tell Paul that Alta's wrist might be broken, so I rushed out to check on her. We don't think it is, but we put a band aid and some ice on it, just to be safe, and we'll watch her. Apparently she went down backwards with Tiffany, and they had a little hiccup. Her wrist was a little scraped and a little swollen, but I'm pretty sure it's fine.

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