Monday, July 20, 2009

Sitting in Manassas Virginia...

waiting on my husband. Luckily, I love the man ;) He hurried me off the couch this morning - "hurry, go get showered so we can go." That was almost three hours ago I think. I'm ready, have been for some time, and now I'm sitting on the couch waiting to see what we're going to do. Him? He's in the other room playing Halo with his brother, has been for almost three hours (or more) now. Sure glad I hurried ;) I think my sil and I might ditch the boys and go to the store, the book store :D I won a signed copy of Jennifer Chase's new book called "Compulsion," and I showed it off last night. We're going to go look for it today so my sil and her dd can read it :D But for now, I'm still waiting on my honey to save the world. I wish them luck! Glad he's having fun!

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