Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The News Made Me Cry This Morning

A 24 year old mother of three died from the H1N1 flu, only about a month after giving birth to her third child. They said she was so week the last couple weeks that she could only look at her newborn, not hold him. She'd been sick for about a month. The docs didn't give her anything. A couple days ago she was placed in a medically induced coma, and just the other day, she passed away. Obviously, this is a tragedy, and my next comment is not meant to take away from that, but I wonder, if she was sick for a month, and too weak to hold her child, why didn't they do something for her sooner? If one dr. wouldn't do something, what about another? How sad is that? But that's not the only thing that made me cry. Her husband is a KC police officer, and the guys in his department all donated their sick time so he could be home with his kids right now and not loose any pay. I love the example his department set. So many times people see suffering, or people who need support in some way or another but we keep moving because we don't know what we could possibly do that would make a difference. These people used what they had and I'm sure if you ask this widower if it made a difference, you would get a resounding, "Yes."

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  1. This story is truly tragic. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends. It's incredible what police officers do for their co-workers. I've seen and heard so many inspiring stories where they rally around and support one another through difficult times. They are our finest ;)