Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Writing Update 2

I forgot a story line I was going to introduce in the scene I worked on today, so I went back and added it, adding an additional three pages of work, making today's total 11 pages. Everyone went to bed early tonight, so I was able to get back on this evening. I know what the next scene is, so I might barricade myself in my room tomorrow and work, if not, it will keep until Monday. For now though, I'm going to read a book. I picked The Other Boleyn Sister. I just finished reading The Borgia Bride by Kalogridis, I think her first name is Karen. It was historical fiction. Real historical figures, real events that happened in their lives (and probably some rumor and speculation) woven together with fiction. I found it very interesting, even if it wasn't an uplifting, happily ever after story. The Other Boleyn Sister is also historical fiction and since the other was so intriguing, I thought I'd give this one a try. Another reason I picked up this gigantic looking book was because of another piece I read a couple months ago. It's called Hank Shank VII, but John Walker. He had this great idea to tell the story of Henry the 8th, but in modern time, and that piqued my curiosity about Henry, and about the multitude of women in his life, so now, I find myself with this new adventure to start, and it begins when I put away the computer and open the cover of the book. Happy weekend!

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