Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Apple Pie and Writing

Instead of adding more pages last night like I planned, I I watched tv with Paul, and it was a much better way to spend the evening! We cleaned off the dvr a little by watching: Monk (it's the last season, you know), House, & Dancing With the Stars. Paul wasn't the most willing contestant for the last one, but he did want to see Chuck Lidell (?), a UFC guy dance the Tango...and then he just sat and kept me company :) This looks like a full three hour time slot, but it really wasn't, not when you skip past the commercials and forward through the extra time fillers on DWTS - I love dvr, but it's not helping me learn patience at all. About 9pm our doorbell rings, and Paul looks at me like, "who's that?" Like I can see through the door or something -he gives my superpowers too much credit ;) Actually, I'm sure he was wondering if I was expecting anyone. I totally played the girl card and told him he had to get it. To our surprise (and delight) a family from church dropped off a freshly baked, homemade apple pie. Paul and I shared a little of it last night and it was WONDERFUL! Two of the kids in their family are in my Sunday School class, one of them will be come January, and the last has been in with me a few times when we had to combine classes because the other teacher wasn't there. This just helps prove my point about how great these kids are! They've got good parents too, and that helps :) So, a big thank you to the Phillips family! Now, onto some more writing :)

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