Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday's Writing, pt 2

Managed to get five more pages done, as well as dishes, a library trip, drop off medicine at the middle school, pick up elementary kids, and then go to a cross country meet at the middle school. My characters drained me a bit today. Poor Rafe, it's getting increasingly more difficult to be him. Tomorrow will be Taffy's turn to try to drain me dry! Now, I'm going to read a completely senseless romance involving twins and one brother being the father of the baby but the mom thinks its the other brother...see? completely senseless, but what a way to veg :) Oh yeah, have to find something for dinner...I'd be happy with a blizzard from DQ (had my first one on Friday!) but that's just not going to be good enough. I think that might be classified as neglect, but I'm pretty sure my kids would classify it under either, "Mom's awesome," or "Mom's lost it," either way, they'd have a blast!

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