Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Sirius!

My puppy turned one today! This is the same dog, that 6 months ago, the vet thought would die, the dog we prayed over for an entire weekend, the dog that had a miracle, and is too innocent to even understand it. I took him with me to drop the kids off at school, then we went to PetSmart - sliding doors freak him out.... Once we got passed those darn doors he was a little better. We picked up some nail clippers for him (he so needed a trim!) and a pig ear. He's sitting on the floor in front of me, now, with trimmed nails, enoying a pig ear. I think it's kinda icky, but he seems to really be enjoying himself! I made it to the half way mark in editing Jennifer Chase's ebook How to Write a Screenplay. I should finish that up today, and maybe get back to my story - which may have more than a working title right now! I'm excited about that. Or, I may just read, take a little break and read.

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  1. Happy Birthday Sirius!!! :) Hope you enjoyed that pig ear!