Thursday, September 3, 2009

More updates

Okay, the library lost that new book I was so excited to pick up this morning, so I didn't get to read it :( I don't know how they lost it. It's a brand new book. Came from headquarters directly to them. Got checked in. They got it ready for me to pick up and somewhere after that lost it. So, it's now listed as missing, but I'm sure it's just misplaced, and I'm back to being next on the list. On the bright side of things, I got seven more pages done :) I'm up to page 120...I think. And now it's time for some hot spearamint herbal tea with honey. We've had great weather here and I've had the windows open in the car and the house and my allergies are running rampant now. Hoping the honey will help soothe my sore throat. Seven pages, yay! Not sure where I'll pick up tomorrow. I need to look at my notes and see where I am.

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