Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yes, Another Writing Entry and My Friend Kathy

I have a very high word count, but I think I'm almost finished. I think I might take a break today (my hands need a rest). I was out with my friend Kathy last night, and we were talking about this book of mine, and the high word count, then we started talking about where I could cut somethings to bring my word count down. So, here are my plans so far, when I get to that point: There's an antagonist that I'm going to cut before I even add him to the story - I just don't have room. I'd finally come to the conclusion that I was going to kill him anyway (which is, strangely enough, a hard decision - at least for me). Then, there's about 18 pages at the beginning that I can take away most of - it can always be a deleted scene on a website somewhere ;) But really, it's great info for me, but I think, if I do it right, no one will know it used to be there. There's another place towards the end, that, although it's a great story line (for me anyway) it's probably not part of this story, so I can shorten things there too. Kathy and I appear to be different types of writers when it comes to the writing process. When she finishes a first draft, she said she has to go back in and add things, because her's is pretty general. Obviously, I'll be removing things. It's a lot of fun to see how other people do something, and how different the same process can be for different people. We also worked on title ideas for the first three books bouncing around in my head! We had a blast! I might even use some ;) Thanks Kat! Anyway, I still have a few more scenes, but it's still wrapping up. I hope to get this very detailed first draft finished in the next two weeks, then start editing. Wish me luck

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