Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sirius, My Dog

I think we may have come to an understanding yesterday. He's developed this terrible habit of filching stuff from the counters, table, and/or sink. Nothing is safe from him. Yesterday he grabbed the loaf of bread that the kids left out. I was trying to clean up after I dropped them off, but he beat me to it. It's a game to him because he leads, we follow. And I'm sure he does it because he wants the attention and he's full of energy, but somethings he just can't have (Like sharp knives, I've taken those away from him too). Yesterday I made my displeasure and frustration known, without laying a hand on him or even being too close. Eventually he realized it wasn't a game anymore and dropped it. We went through the same game with a different object later, and after a few minutes he read me loud and clear. Today he has very easily given up objects like stuffed koala bears and measuring cups. He's rewarded with lots of praise and love, which he soaks up. I also took him for a walk this morning, before I sat down to do anything, so he could get some of his energy out. I know it's not completely his fault when he's being rotten ;)

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  1. When my Lab was young, I had to teach him the "drop" command early :) When the phone would ring, he'd run and grab the cordless phone and run off with it... the person on the line had a fun ride for a while ;)