Friday, May 29, 2009

Tomorrow I May Be Crazy...

Actually, I'm probably crazy today for considering tomorrow! Paul invited me to go on a bike ride with him...I think it's something like 30 miles ... eek! I haven't ridden since last year! We're negotiating the distance as well as the bike to use. I have one that I'm cofortable on and it fits better than another one. Unfortunately, the one that's a little too big is probably better for what he's got in mind. It moves easier because the tires are skinnier and the bike is lighter (I think) but really, I'm a scaredy cat, and I'm afraid to try getting on and off this bike (I've only ridden it twice). I don't want to be falling over in front of a whole lotta other riders, and what if I hurt myself? It's bad enough that I'll likely embarrass myself by not being able to complete the ride AND I'll be hurting the next I have to fall over too before I even start? Like I said, we're negotiating... I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow...if I survive ;)

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