Thursday, May 14, 2009

Some Mother's Day Cards

I love making cards, it was my first love when I started stamping. Then I branched out into scrapbooking, altering things, making things from scratch, and digital work.
A couple years ago I bought a Wishblade and I love it. I'm able to combine digital and paper to make even more things!
This year I used it for Mother's Day cards. When I make cards for someone I try my best to consider their tastes and what they like. Colors, hobbies, etc... These Mother's Day cards were tailored specifically for a couple friends of mine and my mil, so two of them are not your traditional cards, but I hope they liked them.
The first one is for my mil, it's pretty traditional. I used my wishblade to cut out the words.

This card is for a friend of mine that collects dragons, and last time I checked, purple was a great color! I used photoshop elements to design the card. I used my wishblade to cut out the black frame as well as the dragon and flames. I did a print and cut for this project.

This last card was for my friend's mother. A really fun lady, she always welcomed me into her home. When I reconnected with my friend I was able to get both her and her mother's address so I could send them Mother's Day cards :D I also designed this one with elements. I used my wb to cut out the frame and the cat. I stickled the beads and a bit of the feather.

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