Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I've finished all the projects for the DT Application, unfortunately, I made some extras and now I have to choose. I made three variations of one card. They each have something a little different, pros and cons. I think what it comes down to is how the stamp itself is showcased. These cards feature a stamp from Serendipity Stamps, and what I think is the logical voice in my head is telling me to use the one that shows their stamp at it's best. One of the cards that stamp is embossed another glittered and that has covered up the detail of the dandelion. It's a really great stamp. My other option you can see the detail, so, even though the background isn't my favorite of the three (and nearly impossible to reproduce or I would) their stamp looks the best in that card variation. So, today's agenda: * Visit a few ladies from church and see how they're doing - one is in a nursing home * Visit the Vet, need heartworm meds and Sirius needs to be weighed for that. I'm pretty sure we're over the 50 lb limit, so he'll need two bottles. *Remember to pick up kids from school *Scouts at the church *After that, we're taking my parents out to dinner as a Mother's Day/Father's Day gift Sometime during that time I need to finalize my pics for the DT Application, type up the supplies and directions list, then work on the About Me Section of the application. I really wanted to work on my friend John's book. I'm proofreading/editing for him, but that may need to wait until after I submit my application, but if you're reading this John, I'm working on it! Promise!

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