Monday, May 18, 2009

The Final Countdown

Can you hear the Europe song by the same name playing in your head now? I can. :D This is the last week of school for the kids, and it's shaping up to be a busy week! Today there's a picnic at the middle school, and it begins before I pick up my elementary kids. AND we're supposed to bring 20 cooked hamburgers. Today I will be hitting the grocery store for hamburgers (and a few other things) and then using the Foreman grill for them. Paul's assured me he will clean that up. I don't usually use it for more than grilled cheese because the clean up is irritating, you can't just put it in the sink. I also don't really like the hamburgers done on it, they're kind of flavorless, so hopefully we're not the only ones bringing hamburgers! I also have to call the school and see if I can get some classes changed around for XLT, (extended learning time) for one of the kids. I really like that the schools open up the the summer school to all the kids. I guess they figure the buildings are going to be open, partially staffed, and paid for for the kids that need summer school, so they gave all the kids in the district an opportunity to attend. For the children that don't need the basics reinforced it's an enrichment kind of thing. All but one of mine will be attending this year :D I also need to finish a book I'm reading, I'm so close to the end! I completed another project for the DT application. I wanted to do work on another one today, probably the last one and get working on the application itself. I don't want to be doing this last minute, something always pops up, it's inevitable. I want time to deal with those things! But I have to hit Hobby Lobby today too, so I can work on the last thing. Okay, so, read call school pick up and cook 20 hamburgers pick up ink make card get hamburgers to the picnic at the same time I need to pick up kids from school (this involves being in two places at once. It's tricky, but doable) I think there's more, but that's just today. The rest of the week holds more goodies. But, Friday is their last day and then we get a small break before xlt begins. Wish me luck!

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