Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some Great News and Some Not So Great

First off, the not so great....I'm pretty sure I did not get the design team position at Serendipity Stamps, but I got one of the nicest rejection letters in the history of rejection letters :D But it's fine, really, I have enough on my plate and the experience of putting something like that together was really a lot of fun. Okay, the great news, my son's lab work came back, and the lab said there's nothing to worry about. The stuff that they were worried about wasn't an issue I guess. We're all relieved. Now it's just the dog I need to watch when it comes to kidney things, not my dog and my son. It's good to know where you are in life. My son's okay and I'm not going to be quite as busy as I may have been. Life's good.


  1. Alta, I read your blog, cover to cover :)

    I really enjoy seeing your artwork. I want to offer my limited photography skills to you (actually more like my toys for photographing cards and other paper crafts) so that you can get some really sharp well lit photos to post. I think if we worked on your presentation and photos, you would portray your style of art better.

    Secondly, as for your instructions/ supplies list, I can give you some pointers on making that easier to construct as well.

    I start school Monday, but for now, I'm not in school 8-5 (for now) so lets get together and play!

    What a great blog! Keep up the good work and let's play a little.


  2. How 'bout a Friday play day? I'm busy today :D
    thanks for looking! The photography part of it has caused me a few grumbles!