Monday, May 18, 2009

Stamping Projects

I've been scrolling and looking through six or seven year's worth of "art" - that's a relative term, right? So, six or seven years of creating with paper. My focus right now is on the stamped items I've made. It's been so long since I've seen some of them that's it's a surprise! I thought I'd post some. I'll probably post some digital work, as well as cut out work that I used my wishblade for, but I'm going to try to group them by medium, and first up is stamping! I made these for our crossing guards. They're out there rain or shine, blistering heat and biting cold to help our little ones cross the busy streets before and after school. There's hot chocolate tucked inside. It's really hard when you loose a loved one, and sometimes all you can do are the little things, like send a card.
I got a new stampset this day AND some of my friends inspired me with their pearl ex prowess so I combined both for a layout for my oldest. These pictures are old, but the layout is relatively new.
I love new stamp sets! There are so many possibilities, here's two from the same set.
I'm sure there will be more to follow, but my battery's at a critical level, so I'm off!

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