Friday, May 22, 2009


You know what that is right? Well, it may have found me. It's not the first time I've been in an ironic situation, but this situation has the potential to be the biggest. Monday my boys had their yearly check ups. My soon to be 12 year old had some protein show up in his urine test and his blood pressure was a little high. We took his bp again before we left and it was still a little high, but not as high as the first time. Protein readings can be common during the day so they gave us a cup to take home and he needed to fill it first thing in the morning - apparently, that's when they get their best readings. I dropped off his filled cup yesterday. They called today. There was still protein present so they've sent it off to the lab for more tests. What does this mean? I asked the doc when we were in there Monday. She said; The kidneys act like a filter, they're supposed to keep the protein from getting into the urine. If protein is present, it can signal a problem with the kidneys. Protein numbers and the high blood pressure (although I didn't get the impression it was through the roof, so that's good) point to kidney issues. Because of the weekend and the holiday, we probably won't hear anything until Wednesday at the earliest. The irony? One of my first posts was about my puppy Sirius. He has kidney issues. He went in for emergency surgery for his stomach and esophogas and ended up having a wonky kidney removed. But right now is not the panic time, although the mother part of me is going crazy that something could be wrong with her son. The rational part (rational and mommy sides sometimes agree, but not in cases like this) reminds me that we don't have enough info to actually panic about. Wait for the results and take it from there. The mommy part wants to lock the rational part up, but she realizes that it's not panic time, it's prayer time.'s not lost on me. I want to train Sirius to be a therapy dog, I never entertained the idea that the therapy could start at home.

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