Wednesday, January 27, 2010


You know, Wendesdays kind of bug me. Exercise gets in the way. I heard a rumor that regular excercise was supposed to make you more productive. I'm just not finding that. On Wednesdays I have Zumba at the Y. I really like the class, got special shoes for it and everything. Unfortunately, the class that goes from 10-11:20 or so in the morning somehow manages to wipe out my whole day. I'm trying to figure out how that's scientifically possible. I think there may be some factors I don't understand, or a worm hole sucking away my time...something because this makes no sense. But by the time I get home, let's be generous and say 11:30, by the time I'm done showering, doing a quick make up and hair indulgence, eat something, and catch up on email, it's already 1 pm. To be fair though, I had more email today than normal, but to keep math simple (because I need it to be) we're keeping the 1pm time. That leaves me 2 hours of writing time before I have to leave and start picking up kids - that's not a lot of time, and the eating wasn't very much, so now I'm hungry again and a little grumpy. Hunger tends to do that to a person. So, I will be lucky to get writing by 2pm which only leaves me an hour. If two hours wasn't very much time, well this is obviously less. How does one class, make such a huge difference in my day?

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