Monday, January 11, 2010

Don't You Hate it When...

You find something you really like, and then the next time you need one it's gone. That was my frustration today. Last year, I bought this two ring index card binder for my 3x5 index cards. It worked perfectly. Now...I can't find any mor like it. I can probably order one on line, but I don't think they're very much, it wouldn't be worth the shipping. So, now, I've been forced to experiment and play with paper once again (poor me) to come up with a solution, and I think I have it, I just don't have everything I need. So, I'll have to wait until Friday to put my plan into action. Until then, I guess I can store my notes for Chased in the silly index card binder that won't even stay open...I think it will last that long.

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