Friday, January 15, 2010

Planning, Plotting, & Paper

I've been busy the last couple days. I have about 9 note book pages (front and back) full of notes for Chased, book two, and a few directional notes for future book ideas. Manuel and Alec now have their very own backgrounds and history. Both are fairly old vampires. Manuel de Leon was changed way back in 1513 and was a Spanish Conquistador Alec Babineaux was changed in 1625 and was a French soldier in a Louisiana fort long before the Louisiana purchase. I now know who they were before they were changed, who changed them, how and why, and a lot of their lives before they show up in my stories. I've learned about the history of Florida, New France (Quebec), and Louisiana. As well as brief histories of various groups of people like Native American tribes like the Natchitoches - part of the Caddo Confederacy and Jesuit and Recollect priests in Quebec in the 1600's. I have time lines and myths noted and reworked some history to my advantage. Today I finished up Alec's history and started on some beasties that will make an appearance. The first beastie is a snake demon, so I scrolled through Native American lore, as well as myth and lore from around the world looking for things I could pull in and I found what I was looking for, but in the process gleaned tidbits of information about all sorts of snake mythology. I also found out what happens if you type in snake demons as search words and found myself in a land of beautiful, yet terrifying art. One picture in particular caught my eye, (link) and it may get used as inspiration for my snake demon, who now has a name: Jake Pomo, he's named after my brother (Jake, not Pomo). He asked and I thought, why not? I'm pretty sure he has an eye patch, and I'm pretty sure I know why. For tomorrow: Play with Jake, the snake, Pomo and get him finished up. Then create gremlin and witch/warlock characters. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? I had a blast! After I have these notes done, I'll transfer them to my index cards for easy organization and access. Have a great day, and thanks for stoppin' by!

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