Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Musings - Still Fussing With Chapter Two of Claimed

Happy with prologue, I like it. Love chapter one. Chapter two? Eh. Definitely *not* how I should feel about it, right?

This weekend I read Destined For An Early Grave by Jeaniene Frost, loved it, it was hard to put down. That's how I want my writing to be, and chapter 2 isn't doing it for me. Here's one place I'm struggling. World building in a non-info dump kinda way. The building has to be done, rules have to be known so you know how things work. I have to know this to know what my characters are capable of. The trick, for me, at least, is relaying that information in an entertaining way that doesn't slow my story. I want this hard to be hard to put down. I want you sucked into the book, so when you close it at 3am, you wonder how you never noticed the time slip away. I want something always happening, the reader always wondering – what now? Or what next. Jeaniene Frost's book left me feeling that way, so today, her writing style is my inspiration, which is great, because that's always how I wanted it to be. She just reminded me.

Thanks for stopping by! I've got chapter two printed double space, just waiting for me to slash through it.

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