Tuesday, April 27, 2010


There was definitely another one this morning. Our friend, Ashley, let us borrow her baby monitor and we were able to hear Alta's sounds, Paul raced in there (he's closer to the door) and found her still seizing. This is important because it's the first time we've had a visual confirmation, which docs like to have. So, there was one a little over two weeks ago, possibly one yesterday, and most definitely one today. Called Neurology this morning, trying to be first on their list of call backs. I'm concerned that it's two days in a row. Unfortunately, we still don't know if it's both sides of the body or not, she was cocooned in her comforter and already on her side, but we know that her right side was affected, Paul said her whole torso was shaking. Our seizure expectation window so far is from 5am and 7:30 am. They say kids can grow out of these, hope it's soon.


  1. I don't know what to say, other than, know I'm keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Thank you, we really appreciate it. We're happy to finally have a visual confirmation as well.

    On the plus side, she's doing fine. Her throat hurts (there was lots of tongue clucking this morning) and she has a bit of a headache (could be allergies). But she's not the kid that falls into the group that has one seizure and never has another one. That's kind of what we were hoping for.

    Another good thing going on, our other daughter, the one with the concussion (isn't my life fun!) seems to be responding to her medication well. Headaches have diminished, and so far, bad side effects haven't popped up.

    There's always something to be grateful for.
    Thank you again!

  3. awww poor alta. i'll keep her in my prayers too. hopefully the docs can figure out what it is.

  4. Thanks Kimmy!
    We know what it's not at least :) We know it's not a brain tumor, and that's a big relief. I think I can be okay not knowing what's causing it, as long as I know it's not the dangerous stuff. That's a fair trade in my mind.
    Hope you guys have a great day!

  5. Alta, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family to get through this tough time. And you will :)

  6. Thank you Jennifer! Today I'm starting her seizure log, I don't want to forget anything that might be helpful later.
    We wonder they'll mover her EEG up or leave it. She's scheduled for July. As a mom, it's an awfully long time to wait.
    Thank you for the prayers, we'll get through this. I'm a firm believer that God doesn't give you things you can't handle without Him.
    The prayers are defifinitely appreciated.