Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Seizure Updatee

I heard from the neurologist herself. I thought the nurse would call, but the doc did instead. She's leaning toward Rolandic seizures. Rolandic is the area of the brain that controls the facial area, mouth, tongue, etc. It looks like it's starting there and working its way out to something bigger, like a grand-mal. They're going to move her up on the list for the EEG, as well as schedule her for an MRI, just to double check head ct she got during the ER visit. If it happens again, before the tests, we call and let them know. Dr. Hashmati may put her on medication at that point, because of the frequency. So, seizure update, there you have it. My writing rant is coming up next.


  1. A question:
    1. What does SN stand for? Submariner something?

    2. I assume you don't like the fact she's had two more, not that the neurologist called me back. I don't like that she keeps having them either.

    Love ya!

  2. Make sure that you look at ALL the options for medication. There are some medications that cause severe brain/memory/learning issues, yellow teeth and possible infertility in the future. Make sure that she is on exactly what she needs and not just "let's try this and see."

    If you need to talk to someone about those meds, let me know. I know someone who has first hand knowledge of this. I won't share who publicly, but I can get you someone to talk with :) Okay!

  3. Doc gave me the names of the two meds she's thinking of. I'll find them and email them to you. She told me she gave me the names so I could look them up. Already she knows me well.

  4. SN stands for Seaman (my rank E3)
    And yes i dont like the fact that she has them :(

  5. Thanks for the info little bro!
    I don't like that she has them either, we're all agreed, they should go away. Even if they don't damage her, they're scary. And I'd rather not put her on medication that causes other side effects.