Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Writing Update

So, things aren't working so well for me this week. My cursor's jumping all over the place, making it difficult to write (a restart did not fix this problem..grr-that's supposed to fix everything). But, more upsetting than that, all the work I did yesterday has disappeared. I know I hit that stupid save button, I have no idea what happened to it, but it's gone. I made changes in a critiqued document that was sent to me. I have the original critiqued doc, but not the one with all the changes I made. So, joy of joys, I get to start all over. It better be better than it was, but we'll never find out if my stinkin' curson doesn't stop jumping around and screwing me up. I'm a little stressed-can you tell? It might just be a reading day, but then I'm two days behind tomorrow instead of one.


  1. i know it is hard but you need to relax!! You have been very stressed out the last few months. Call lonnie and see if he can do anything with your mice problem. (not rodents, computer :-)

  2. I'll get back in touch with him tomorrow :) I IM'd him today, but I had to run. Glad he's around :)