Friday, April 23, 2010

Results and Resolutions

Okay, busy week, full of results. First off, medical results: The dog: This is the easiest place to start. Last year he almost died, a couple times, now he has one kidney. He went in for his check up and "looked good" but we did lab work to confirm. Doc was pretty certain my dog wouldn't weigh 81 lbs now if he wasn't working right on the inside. Got the new back today, and the results for Sirius are good. But, I need to give him benedryl, he may have some allergy issues... Alta: she had an early morning seizure a week and a half ago, her follow up with the neurologist was today. We're still at the same spot we were before - they don't know what caused it. We do, however, have an EEG scheduled, that's the only test they didn't run. I mentioned the scented oil, and the idea was pretty much dismissed, although the doc did write down the websites I gathered the information from, so who knows. I just think it's a HUGE coincidence that she had a seizure when I was on my 5th migraine in 10 days - which has never happened to me before, and that oil was my trigger. Anyway, the only way to know if she's going to have another one, is if she has another one. Emma: still dealing with headaches, nausea, and vision disturbances form her concussion in February. Her doc referred her to the neurologist for re-evaluation. This was the same neurologist that saw Alta this morning. She said headaches like this are part of the concussion syndrome, that it could be 6 months before the headaches go away. If she's already susceptible to headaches, the concussion can irritate that and make them worse. It can also be that she's not getting enough sleep, and that's feeding into the problems already caused by the concussion. So, they're treating her headaches like a migraine, and using preventive medicine. Hopefully this will help out with the pain and she can enjoy things again, it should also help her sleep better, which should help too. So, medical wrap up: dog's good, nothing new with Alta, and Emma has different meds. Other updates for the week: We got out couch :) We've been married for almost 16 years and this is the first couch we've ever bought. We like it...but it's looks a lot bigger in our living room than it did in the show room! And because of the couch, we HAD to make the tank switch this week. We (mostly Paul) moved things from the 75g to the 180. The 75 and it's stand were right where some of the new furniture went. Unfortunately, not everything is set up, we have our fancy schmancy light hanging over the tank, but can't use it because the plugs are odd. We're waiting for the adapters to come in still. We also need two bulk heads for the 37 gal we're setting up so we can empty the 30 gal tank and get it moved out of the living room. All in all, though, things are doing pretty well. So, this week: 2 vet visits, dog needs benedryl, 1 downtown meeting with Paul, new couch arrived, old tank gone, 2 neurology appointments for 2 different kids, some answers, no answers, and a school carnival tonight. How was your week?

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