Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wellness Updates

Emma (concussion from February) is doing well. She got to ride her bike yesterday. The medication she's on has dramatically decreased her headaches, but they're still there, just tolerable. We'll give it plenty of time to kick in before we try something else. Carter: ear infection gone, along with his medicine :) Alta: passed the one week mark of seizure free, we're going on 9 days. This is good. The longest we've gone since this started 3 1/2 weeks ago is 2 1/2 weeks, so we still have some days a head of us to break that record, but we're trying! MRI - today. The results will be in doc's office tomorrow. We should here tomorrow or Monday. Most likely, it will come back clean. EEG - May 26th Christopher: he's fine, and depressed about it. He really wants an excuse to miss school. He's been told that if he gets sick, we'll assume it's on purpose. Then he'll be grounded. ;)

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