Thursday, May 6, 2010


If you've been praying for our family, thank you. I thought I'd share one way those prayers have been answered. Alta's EEG was scheduled for July 2 - that's quite a ways out there. My understanding, is this is the best test we have for confirming type of seizure, although it may still come back with nothing. Last week, after Alta had two more seizures, two mornings in a row, her neurologist told me they'd try to move her up the list. I heard from radiology yesterday, and they had a cancellation and I was on the list of people to call. She now has an EEG scheduled for May 26. You're prayers made this possible, so thank you. Will the date change the diagnosis? Will it change anything in her treatment? No. But it may give us answers, which gives us a place to start. And for whatever reason, answers are comforting. Sometimes, but not all the time, it's easier to face the known, than the unknown. I can prepare to fight the enemy I know, but that element of surprise from the one you don't, well, sometimes that's what decides the battle. We may know in a couple of weeks, instead of a couple months. That's definitely an answer to prayer. The Lord knows how much I can take. He's taking care of us all.

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