Thursday, May 6, 2010


Lots of running today! I got Christopher to school, but while I was doing that, I multi-tasked. I was on the phone with the kids' pediatrician. Emma was in tears, sobbing that her neck hurt. She rarely cries because of pain, so I knew she really hurt. They could fit her in at 9am. Kids can't be dropped off at elementary school before 9am. Made another call, and my friend Michelle, who lives around the corner, said she could take them to school so I could take Emma to the doctor. Doc looked over Em and decided the muscle was tense, maybe from not using it. She rode her bike the other day and moved her head a lot more. I dropped her off at school and picked up Alta for her MRI. We actually made it on time. I consider that a small miracle, especially after the morning I had. Didn't get breakfast, so snacked on some chocolate I snagged from the counter on the way out. Alta did great with her MRI. It's amazing what they have to make the kids more comfortable. While she was in the MRI tunnel, she had special goggles on, head phones, and a microphone. She watched a movie through the goggles! The sound helped cover up the machine sounds, and they could communicate using the headphones and microphone. She had a stuffed animal with her, and they let her bring it it. After I dropped her off, I came home, ate something and ended up falling asleep on the couch until I had to start my afternoon pick-ups. Today was one of those days though. The stress, frustration, worry, sleepless nights kind of caught up to me, and I wasn't in the best of spirits. On the way home, the Lord answered a prayer I didn't know I prayed. I heard a song on the radio by Rascal Flats called unstoppable. The words that blazed brightly in my mind, the ones that spoke to me were these; "Get on your knees and dig down deep. You can do what you think is impossible." Good words to remember in the coming months, I'm sure. The video for that song is in the next post.

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