Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Alta's EEG

She had it done yesterday (5/10/10), and things went well. We were all exhausted though! Which was the point for her, but the rest of us - not so much. Poor baby had to stay up until midnight Sunday, and get up at 4am Monday. I think we all slept very well last night - I know I did :) They hooked her up to a bunch of wires, all over her head. I have pictures, on my phone, so who knows when anyone will see them, then I had to leave. They brought her back about an hour later. They were really nice, she got a cute bear for being so good, too. She held onto it for the rest of the night. During the test they let them sleep for a bit, then do some flashy light things, then work on deep breathing exercises. I know some things, like the flashy lights and the sleep deprivation, can be triggers for seizures. I asked the tech if they were trying to induce a seizure, or if they were just trying to get the brainwaves to start changing. She said they're not going for a seizure, but some time's it happens. When she came back out I asked the tech how it went, if she was okay on the table. Basically, did she have a seizure. It's kind of a yes or no question, don't you think? But the answer was kind of...off. "I didn't see any of the things you described." So, that begs the question: what did she see? It was just odd phrasing, but it makes me wonder if she did see something. Are there other seizure signals/signs I should look for? Anyway, she said to call the doc for results in 3 biz. days. I'm still waiting for a call about Thursday's MRI Anyway, on a good, not confusing note, we've hit the two week mark for seizure-free nights. Yay! Again, if you've been praying for us, thank you so much!


  1. The technician should have NOT SAID A WORD to you about what she "saw." The results of the test have to be examined and read by a professional who knows what to look for and how to interpret what he/she is reading.

    Don't read anything into what the tech was saying, just wait the 3 days and see the written report ;).

    Good luck with the MRI on Thursday, I'm so glad you were able to get in early for the other tests!!!

  2. She's already had the MRI, it was this past Thursday. Sorry if I was confusing.

    But on what the tech saw, I merely wanted to know if Alta'd had a seizure during the test. Those aren't results. It doesn't need to be read by a professional or interpreted. She either did or she didn't. That's why her answer seemed so odd to me.