Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pictures and Fun on our Drive Back, Pt. 1

We found this place in Kentucky and stopped for a day of family fun! They had a number of things to do from their main attaction - go carts, but also miniature golf, bumper boats, a water shoot out at a castle, and two huge rooms full of arcade games. We spent about three hours there :) The little kids had to ride with us, the two older ones got to drive themselves. Alta's old enough to drive herself, but she didn't want to, that was fine with me. The rules for having a child ride with you are simple, you had to be old enough - got it, not a problem there. Then you had to be tall only made it by an INCH! As it was, the first car I was in, I needed a booster seat so I could reach times. Here is the Alta kart Emma had a blast I think. On our second ride around the track I rode near her. This kid (older than her I'm pretty sure) passed me (no big deal), passed her (again, no big deal) and then proceeded to block the road, he wouldn't let anyone else pass! Em tried and he'd block her. She was really getting a feel for the kart and the track. She figured out where passing would be easiest, and when she got a chance, she muscled her way past him. I was so excited for her. I know it's a strange thing to be excited about, but she could have just gotten upset, but she didn't. She took some time, thought things through, and successfully made her move! Then she didn't let him pass her. She's so cool... I managed to get all of them in one shot, but it was close!
Here's the two oldest. I'd love to do it again!

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