Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm Such a Wimp

Sirius needed some excercise, and honestly, so do I, so we went for a walk. He really needed it because he was being naughty and getting into everything - too much energy. He shook salad all over the floor and tried to steal my stickles... It's a nice day, epsecially considering it's the middle of August! So I thought...why not walk to the library to drop off my book? Seems simple. The library's not that much farther than the school, and that's only.8 miles away. I checked when I got back, because I was curiuos, the library's 1.77 miles away. We walked 3.54 drop off one book. And these weren't nice innocent miles...there were hills. I'm toast...told you I was a wimp.

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