Monday, August 3, 2009

Finally Home!

Okay, we got home Saturday late afternoon, then exhausted ourselves by trying to put everything back in order, figure out what to eat, throw kids in the shower, and generally make sure everything was ready for Sunday so we could get up early and meet up with my sister and her family 40 minutes away, they had a special day at church so we wanted to be there with them. That's exactly the reason we came home Saturday instead of Sunday. It was a great day :) We took a leisurly trip home, and stopped and played along the way, so there will be pictures coming. First, though, I need to get the kids' registrations filled out for school, drop them off (there's four now, but luckily three of them are in one school!) and go to the store for some much needed food supplies. Oh, and how could I forget the library? I haven't been in so long, I think I'm having withdrawls! I've got stuff to return and something waiting for me - a great welcome home from them ;) Sirius has been super happy to have us home. We greeted him outside, we figured he would have trouble containing his excitement...we were right! It's good to be home, and soon we'll be back into a routine...

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