Thursday, August 13, 2009

Goals and Work

All of you probably know I'm a book worm, I think I might be addicted, but shhh, don't tell anyone, because I don't think I want to stop! I enjoy my addiction too much :) Some of you may even know that I got bitten by the writing bug last year. My mom might be remembering that that bug bit me much earlier than that! I guess I went into remission, but it's back now. Unfortunately, with one little one still at home, I couldn't do much. I would get idea after idea. Some of them I've writen down and gotten story starts for them so I didn't loose the feel for the idea, but mostly to get the characters to leave me alone. Well, the beginning of school is coming up, and all four will be going this year, I will actually have some quiet during the day (even if I have to put the pup in his kennel!) so I'm going to go for it. Write a story, that's my goal, and I've already learned that it's work! Luckily, I have a pretty good cheering section. I told my kids I'd mention their names on my dedication page if they did their parts around the house so I didn't have to spend time doing their things. I got some work out of them tonight :) I also have time now, so that's a plus. I have writer friends backing me up. Kathy meets me for dinner or dessert nearly every Tuesday, and we talk about our characters, what they're doing, if they're annoying us or giving us a hard time. We talk about the story progression, any epiphanies we've had for the direction we're going, or just bounce ideas off each other. Then I have friends I've never met in "real life" only on line, both wonderful authors, willing to share their ideas and experiences with me. John Walker and Jennifer Chase, thank you for helping build my confidence so I can start this journey. I linked their names to their sites or blogs, check them out :) So, here's my goal: Complete the story I'm working on by the end of the year. I've managed to work my way to 70 pages since January. I hope to be much more efficient in the next four months! I start writing on Tuesday, the kids' first day back at school. I'm excited, because tonight I started getting some research done for the next phase of the story. The story: It's about a girl named Taffy, and a vamp named Rafe. If you know me, you know there had to be a vamp! You can also expect some pixie and dragon stuff to pop up too. Again, if you know me, that was probably a given. So there, it's out, all 12 of my blog friends know so I have to do it, right? So, wish me luck!! ps - I think all those links work right, if not, it's my fault, not theirs!


  1. Congrats Alta! You can do it :) We're all cheering for you!

  2. Thank you!
    Tomorrow's the day I jump back in :D Of course that's after dropping kids off at two different schools (which means two different times) as well as running a few errands and doing a few chores...I think I'll be able to fit a little writing in there!