Thursday, August 27, 2009

Classical Music and Cows...

That's what's going on at my house right now :) I want to write, I left my ideas on the computer last night so I could pick up and keep going this morning, but I have to hold off. This morning I'm working on an invitaion design for our church ladies group's get together next month. The woman in charge requested cows to go along with what she has planned. So, cows it is, and I've got classical music playing on pandora, I'm hoping to petition the muses because cows aren't all that inspiring to me! Anyway, I need a design that's efficient with both money and conveying the necessary information. When that's finished, then it's back to Taffy and Rafe! Oh, and it looks like a new follower popped up - welcome aboard Kevin, glad to meet you. Now, back to work with myself!


  1. Don't cows like classical music too?

  2. I've never asked them. But don't happy cows come from California? Maybe you could ask ;)

  3. You better believe it! I drive past a dairy on my way to the beach, I'll stop and ask them just to be sure ;)