Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fun on the Way Home, pt 2 Valley View Ferry

We thought this would be fun to do, after all, it was free. What would we loose, besides time, if it was no fun? Well, we lost a lot of time for various reasons, but it was still fun. We didn't have the easiest time finding the place. We read about it in a little book about things to do and see in Kentucky, but the directions were minimal. We asked in town and got some very simple sounding directions - even I wouldn't have to write them down. Go down this road until you get to Clay Dr., turn right (that's the only direction you can turn), when that road ends, turn right again, when that road ends, turn right, when that road ends, you're at the ferry. How easy is that? Unfortunately the second road to end didn't technically stop, it apparently (we found out on our way back) may have just changed names. Anyway, we followed the directions. We kept going higher and higher into the back hills of Kentucky. The road got smaller and smaller, the trees taller and taller. Nature was closing in on us. Finally we started to go down hill, where we figured we'd find a ferry, then back up hill. The road did finally end, but not at a ferry, instead, we were in someone's yard, and three barking land protecting dogs came out to meet us. All the back hills Kentucky stereotypes I'd learned in Maryland came flashing through my mind. I didn't want to meet whoever was in the house. Unfortunately, one of the barky dogs was barking at our tail pipe, so we had four kids in the back panicked and yelling for Paul not to back up...unfortunately, that was the way out. So...dogs needed a distraction. I opened a pack of crackers and tossed one out. Two of the dogs (neither of them the one at our tail pipe) ran after the cracker. I tossed another one in their direction so they wouldn't fight. Paul slowly and carefully backed up and we were able to get out of there. The dogs didn't chase us too far once we got away. On the way back down, we tried the two rights that could have been what we were looking for. We finally found the right road, and sure enough there was a ferry at the end of it. Unfortunately, we'd seen signs about the ferry. Not arrows or directions that would have been helpful, just signs that said ferry closed. We figured we'd go take pictures of it since that was the only thing we were out here for anyway. So we did. It was a fun, and beautiful adventure, even if we didn't get a trip across the kentucky river.
The ferry is pulled across by over head cables that are anchored on each side. We don't know for sure why it was closed but we figured the river must be moving faster than normal due to the rain they got the night before.
Christopher got out with me and went around the gate for pictures. He was using the video feature on our other camera. Everyone else was waiting in the van for us.

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