Friday, March 12, 2010

Writing Updates

Well, I hit over 3k last night, yay! Need another few days like that and I may be able to wrap this one up. I need to get ready for the day and then I can start laundry and get back into writing. I woke up last night from a few dreams and they were good useful ones! I hate remembering my dream and then realizing I can't use it, if feels like a waste of time. Well, thanks to the dog, I got a 2-fer last night! One idea involves vampires (duh) and the other is a contemporary setting. About the dog: he woke me up a few times which gave me different dreams, so I guess that's okay. What wasn't okay was his scratching on the floor, i thought he was trying to get something from under the bed, when I finally woke up enough to look and see what he was doing, I realized he'd gotten his big body stuck under my bed! His head and part of his shoulder were out, and he was using that one paw to try and claw his way out. I don't know how he got into that predicament, but Paul and I had to get out of bed and he had to lift it up so Sirius could get himself out. He was one happy dog when he got out! I don't think he was hurt, just frustrated. Silly dog. Thanks for stopping by!

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