Thursday, March 11, 2010

Writing Update for Chased

This week has been a terrible writing week, today, I've more than tripled the words added for the rest of the week, and it wasn't hard. Anyway, I'm upto 64,544 words so far, and I have 2-3 scenes left I think. My goal is to keep my first draft around 90,000 words, maybe a little less, I know there are some descriptions I still need to put in and a few other things that I realize I forgot, and I want to keep the word count reasonable. It's fun to see the light at the end of the tunnel, to know that I'm almost finished with a second first draft. I look back in mild amazement that I made it this far, it's kind of exciting, and I bet it will be even more so when I can write the words "DONE" here and on twitter, and when I can share the news with Paul. Next on the list is A LOT of edits for book one, Claimed. Then either edits for Chased, or research for a whole different book idea, a quartet, but I can't tell you about what, it's a secret. Thanks for checking in!

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