Friday, March 12, 2010

Serendipitous, I Love it When Things Work Out

I was working on a scene earlier and it wasn't working, so I stopped. I did a little more digging and found that I was in the wrong spot, geographically speaking (I love google earth). My scene was heading into a lake, and I quickly realized I needed to head east and use the cemeteries for my scene location instead. There's two. I picked the one with a vault - hey, I'm writing vampire fiction, vaults are good, they work. After I made the decision, it was time to leave, we took the kids to dinner. In the car I was telling Paul that sometimes it feels like the stories are just waiting to be told, and if you're doing it wrong, they stop. That's how it felt today, I knew I was on the right track when I chose the cemetery over the lake, it just felt better. When I was able to make my way back to the computer I looked up the cemetery, and was shocked to see information I'd been looking for way back when I was developing my MC. I twisted history to create backgrounds for my characters in this book. I needed ages, I looked for what was going on during those times, looked for holes in the history of different peoples, places, cultures, and times, and when I found them, I plugged my characters into them, and this time around, the answer to every unanswered question had to do with vampires. Here's my MC's scoop: He was turned in Quebec/New France in the 1600's, he left the area for a while (it's a vampire thing) and came back when he heard St. Denis was taking soldiers down the Mississippi to a fort in Louisiana, to help safe guard their land. Remember, the area now known as Texas was Spanish territory, and the Spaniards and the French weren't keen on sharing. Events were set into motion there that changed his life, he became who he is today because of them. This cemetery I found tonight, was built by St. Denis (the real guy my character sailed with) and his troops, on the grounds of a french fort, all this while my character was there! I now have a first name for St. Denis and more history, not to mention memories for my character, and this is after reading only a few lines on the history of the cemetery. Now I have to wonder, did my character help build this vault they're gaining entrance to, are there any secret nooks or crannies he knows about that will be helpful, is anyone he loved buried there. Can I some how twist history some more to work it into my story? Even more, I feel like the conversation with my husband was accurate, tonight was like filling in gaps of my character's family tree, his history, and all because using the lake didn't feel right. Maybe this story is already there, and it's just waiting for the right person to hear it, to feel it, to write it down and give it life. I hope I'm that right person.

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