Friday, March 19, 2010

Review of Butterfly Tattoo by Deidre Knight

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This isn't my usual reading material, but I won it and wanted to read it, especially after the excitement of it winning an Eppie award.

I gave the book five stars for a few reasons, one being that it held my attention, even though there were no vampires, shifters, monsters, or beasties, other than an at times grumpy main character.

Another reason for five stars: The story sucked me in, and even though it wasn't the fast pace I'm used to, it was hard to put it down. I wanted that happily ever after for all of the characters. I cheered for every triumph, every step towards healing they made. I cried at their set backs, I cried at their memories, I cried when their sense of self was still so lost because of their pasts. I was really touched by these characters and their struggles. It made me wonder what my life would be like if my spouse was suddenly gone, how hard it would be to move on, and how brave these characters were for moving on, for being brave enough to love again, to take a chance, to trust.

I was a little torn about reading the book. Yes, I entered the contest, but did I think I'd win? No. A few friends gave me a heads up that there could be some guy on guy action in the book. I thought I might have to do some skimming, but I have to say, there was barely any guy on girl action in the book, part of a page and that was it, for everyone. Yes, Michael's memories are triggered, and he remembers his time with Alex; their first kiss, their time on the beach, their time getting to know one another, etc., but this book is by no means erotic fiction, if you're worried about that, don't be, you'll be cheating yourself out of a very well thought out, very well written book.

It was a great detour from my paranomal book shelf, but now I'm going back to it, starting with Deidre Knight's Red Fire.

Thanks for entertaining me Ms. Knight.

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  1. thanks for sharing--i'll have to check it out!