Friday, March 19, 2010


The stick a fork in me kinda done. Finished. Wrapped Up, and a whole lotta other words that convey the same message. The words for Chased are on paper, the story's there. Now, it needs to rest. I'll get some things done around the house, Easter cards need doing, books need reading, edits and rewrites on Claimed need to be tackled. I'll do those then come back to Chased for edits so it's fresh, easier to see mistakes. I have another story idea to explore, most likely a 4 book series, and I' m excited about it. That will come after Claimed and Chased are sitting in a better place. Anway, thanks to those of you who cheered me on, it feels good to call another one done, at least at this stage. Hopefully there's more excitment to celebrate in the future! Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful weekend!


  1. once your books are finished finished i hope you share!!!